About SEIF

Shanghai Strategic Emerging Industries Foundation

Founded in December 2014, The Shanghai Strategic Emerging Industries Foundation (SEIF) is a non-profit organization formed by China Materialia.  The mission of SEIF is to provide a platform to help bridge the East and West, connect start-ups with Venture Capital, and to promote Open Innovation and Open Entrepreneurship. 


Our Mission

1. Host the annual Innovation China Conference. With "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" as its core theme, each "Innovation China" conference invites thought leaders from academics, executives of Fortune 500 companies, such as GE, SABIC, BASF, Henkel, Samsung, BAT etc., start-ups, venture capitalists, and government departments to discuss, debate, share and generate new ideas on the latest innovation. The conference is a great platform for connecting MNCs and start-ups, Chinese and foreign enterprises, capital and technology. 

2. Organize quarterly meetups and events.

3. Publish SEIF report for publication in China and abroad. 

4. Help to build a "Foreign Entrepreneur Forum" to provide a community for foreign small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai to discuss business plans, strategy and share resources. (Please note this is one of the main focus point of the Shanghai Global Science and Technology Innovation Center)


Future Goals

Establish an angel fund to invest in foreign start-ups with overseas technology.

Expand the "Innovation China" brand globally to set the stage for international development opportunities.



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Innovation China 2017

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